Dr. Robert Polselli coaches Killingly High School Robotics Team to World, National, Regional, and CT State Championships in Engineering Design!

Dr. Robert Polselli, Teacher of the Year 2016!

Dr. Robert Polselli gives the Millbury Memorial Jr./Sr. High School Keynote Address
June 8, 2012 
The classroom of today requires teachers to provide a safe, challenging, and real-world environment for students to develop skills in collaboration, problem-solving, teamwork, research, analysis, and practical application.  In order to ensure success in the classroom for every student, a teacher must genuinely care for children and make every decision based on what is best for the students. Gone are the days of memorizing information and students in rows passively listening to lectures.  Information is available so easily that training students to harness the power of information is far more important than preparing them to recite facts.  Additionally, character education is essential in the modern classroom as we prepare the next generation of leaders to work with more kindness and respect. Our classrooms are the most important places on earth as we shape the future of our society.

Ultimately, my goal as an educator is to improve the lives of every one of my students through real-world social and academic challenges. 
Dr. Robert N. Polselli, Jr.

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