ASI - Engineering and Technology

At the Academy of Science and Innovation, Dr. Polselli is the Engineering and Technology teacher for grade 6-12.  Dr. Polselli uses the Schoology Online Learning Management System and all of his classes are hybrid online/classroom classes that provide each student with 24/7 access to content, remediation, enrichment, and support.

Dr. Polselli currently teachers Robotics I, Robotics II, Robotics III, Robotics IV, Intro to Robotics (Middle School), and Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drones/Aerial Robotics).

Dr. Polselli's robotics teams have earned state, regional, national, world, and international achievements over the years. To learn more, visit

To access one of Dr. Polselli's legacy courses, please use the links and enrollment codes, below:

Environmental Engineering
Student Enrollment Code - solar

Engineering Technology
Student Enrollment Code - gearscams

Principles of Engineering
Student Enrollment Code - leverpulley