ASI - Engineering and Technology

At the Academy of Science and Innovation, Dr. Polselli is the Engineering and Technology teacher for grade 6-12.  Dr. Polselli uses the Schoology Online Learning Management System and all of his classes are hybrid online/classroom classes that provide each student with 24/7 access to content, remediation, enrichment, and support.

Dr. Polselli currently teachers Robotics I, Robotics II, Robotics III, Robotics IV, Intro to Robotics (Middle School), and Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drones/Aerial Robotics).

To access one of Dr. Polselli's legacy courses, please use the links and enrollment codes, below:

Environmental Engineering
Student Enrollment Code - solar

Engineering Technology
Student Enrollment Code - gearscams

Principles of Engineering
Student Enrollment Code - leverpulley