Private Pilot Course

Welcome to my online classroom.  I am Dr. Robert Polselli and I am excited to be your instructor as your embark on your journey into the sky!

I want to begin by introducing you to the way I teach.  As a professional educator, I am somewhat different than your typical fight instructor who may love to fly and enjoy teaching.  I have been trained to teach, earning two Master's degrees and a Doctorate in teaching and learning.

I subscribe to the "flipped classroom" method of teaching, which is exactly what is sounds like.  Instead of meeting with students and lecturing or presenting for 2-3 hours, I post all of my lectures/lessons online and assign them for homework in preparation for the classroom.  During class, we interact, discuss, practice, and engage in the material as I continually assess student understanding, leverage technology to maximize our time together.  

Welcome aboard!

The FAA Private Pilot Ground School consists of the following lessons: