Lesson #6 & #7 - Aviation Meterology & Intrepreting Weather

Weather is one of the most critical aspects of flying.  In order for a pilot to make sound arenautical decisions, one must fully understand weather.  Below are links that provide insight into weather intrepretation and planning.
Video Resources:
Steps to preparing for weather:

 Step #         Description When (prior to flight)   Where    
 1     Check General Forecast     7-10 Days www.weather.com    
 2 Forecast Maps, Radar, & Text         2-5 Days     www.aviationweather.gov
 3 Check radar for rain/thunderstorms     Day of flight www.weather.com
 4    Check METAR & RAF reports Day of flight www.aviationweather.gov
 5  Check for Icing (winter months) Day of flight www.aviationweather.gov

Additional Lesson Links:
  •  AirWX - Mobile aviation weather for your Droid
  •  ForeFlight HD - Mobile Flight planning/weather for your iPad/iPhone
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